Creativity & College Care Packages

Our College Care Packages are uniquely designed to put a smile on your student's face, add a little zany fun to their day, and remind them that someone cares! Our customized student gift baskets and college care packages are loaded with unique gifts, college essentials (sewing kits and laundry bags!) and tasty treats that are hand-picked to ensure they are fresh, comforting and most of all yummy.

Sometimes you have to Think INSIDE The Box! So, go ahead and send them one of our college care packages today, they will thank you later!

Our Care Packages
All The Help You Can Get Box $34.99
Wake Up! Alarm Box $34.99
Ice Cream and Cake and Cake $34.99
Suds Box $34.99
Roommate Relief Box $34.99
Boo Boo Box $34.99
Genius Box $34.99
Send Money $34.99
Freshman 15 $39.99